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240 and Still Kicking
I’ve deleted this site of a reunion in Liverpool of 4 old (well, not that old) friends reaching the age of 60 in 2007 containing memorabilia scattered around this site and photos of the party.
Allerton Cemetery
Information about people buried or commemorated at Allerton Cemetery in Liverpool together with  memorial inscriptions - information collected by me and others to help people with their family history research.
Anfield Cemetery
A comprehensive transcription of memorial inscriptions at Anfield Cemetery in Liverpool by Rob and Rose Anderson.
Brockhall Hospital and its cemetery
A site dedicated to those buried at the Brockhall hospital cemetery. They include my brother, Peter, whom I never knew - he spent 5 months of his short life at Brockhall and died there at the age of five and a half, 6 years before I was born.
Hereford Guided Walks
The Hereford Guild of Guides lead walking tours of the city - this site gives details.
Herefordshire Monkey Puzzle Trees
A list of these trees that I have found in Herefordshire with photographs.
Hereford St. Ethelbert PROBUS Club
A club of which I am a member
Ormandy family history

A site where I record information I collect while researching my Mum's ORMANDY family. Much of the information is about people I haven’t connected to Mum's family - I've recorded it here in the hope that  it will  be of use to other people who are researching ORMANDY family history.
Pedantic Pete
A pedantic corner of the web. If you want to rant about daft signs, or marvel at those found by other people, this is the place. Also some fun items in Pete’s less pedantic brother’s collection
West Derby Cemetery
A comprehensive transcription of memorial inscriptions at West Derby Cemetery in Liverpool by Rob and Rose Anderson.
Joneses, Jaunts & Genealogy

Welcome to my web site. I'm Jeff Jones and I live in England, near Hereford - I'm originally from Liverpool.
This site records some events involving me and my family.
There are also links to my other web sites.

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Joneses and Jaunts:

My Music:

When I’m Gone Lyrics & notes
Going Back Lyrics & notes
The Way It Goes Lyrics & notes
I Don’t Know Where I’m Going  Lyrics & notes
Go With The Flow Lyrics & notes

You may also like to hear some songs/view videos on YouTube - search for OrmandyPubBand